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(Issue #18. October 28, 2008. Below is the complete 1-page newsletter. Also available as a pdf file.)
Love & Enabling (Kilroy Café #18)

This is a 1-page printable flyer (Issue #18) published electronically on October 28, 2008. The full issue is shown above. It is also available here as a PDF File. (For authenticity, should be printed on 8½x11" buff-colored paper.)

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Glenn Campbell Las Vegas kilroy cafe philosophy existentialism There's a fine line between love and enabling. romantic love, maternal love, protection. love is risky. lower your defenses, abused imprisoned. well-intentioned actions counterproductive hurting Enabling reinforcing someone's dysfunctional behavior alcoholic spouse consequences of their actions. Yin and Yang. toddler artificial environment addictive. universal traumas of human existence is escaping from the bubble of childhood charity entitlement, heightens the trauma reality in its unbuffered form. cruel the wild to fend for itself, relative wealth and privilege Santa Clauses Easter Bunnies magical parents Romantic relationships are risky. fall in love share resources The couple's assets both tangible and emotional creeping danger the danger of any communistic system: "From each according to his abilities; to each according his needs." apparent security of the commune, ideal romantic relationship is one of equality, Gay or straight, doesn't one provider needy and dependent partner one party's dysfunction addictions: alcoholism misperception of the world based on our own emotional needs. outside reality regulation change behavior using words alone, Love is war opponent Protection morph withdraw full exposure to reality, you have to let as much of it in as possible. A lesson with words is nowhere near as effective as a sunburn or a pinched finger justly earned. Whenever you love, you need to know your boundaries and retain control over your own resources. Love may be unconditional, but giving shouldn't